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We are an established firm offering a wide range of accounting, taxation and financial services to individuals and businesses, big and small.



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Services for Individuals

We've listed the services, of interest to individuals, below. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about any of our services:

  • - Income Tax Return Preparation
  • - Taxation Advice
  • - Rental Property Analysis and negative gearing
  • - Shares and Investments
  • - Capital Gains Tax
  • - Assistance with sourcing Home, Investment & Motor Vehicle Finance
  • - Agribusiness Investments
  • - Tax Planning

Services for Businesses

We love self-employed people. Is there anything more invigorating, challenging and rewarding than running your own business? We don't think so.

But owning a business can be hard. The job description can be reduced to just one concept: “I do whatever it takes.” And sometimes it can be hard to know what that whatever might be. That is where we can help.

We provide the full range of services to help you get the most out of your business – both now and into the future. Our services include:

  • - Advice on business structure and management
  • - Advice on sales and acquisitions of businesses
  • - Advice on and assistance with business formation
  • - Advice and assistance with co-ownership agreements
  • - General accounting, including financial statement preparation
  • - Tax planning and compliance
  • - Business planning
  • - Cash flow advice
  • - Debt management advice
  • - Capital planning
  • - Succession planning
  • - Superannuation services
  • - Salary packaging
  • - Asset protection
  • - Annual financial statements
  • - Cashflow projections
  • - Management reporting
  • - Bookeeping advice
  • - Tax Planning
  • - Small Business Acquisition and sell strategies
  • - Business Structuring
  • - Assistance with sourcing Property & Equipment Finance
  • - Self Managed Superannuation Funds

SMSF Services

An SMSF is a wonderful way to ensure that you maintain maximum control over your superannuation and that the management of your superannuation complements all other parts of your financial profile. Done well, SMSFs save you money and that can only mean one thing: more for you in your retirement.

We can assist at every step of your SMSF journey. Our assistance includes:

  • - Commencing the fund in the most efficient way possible;
  • - Handling rollovers and contributions;
  • - Managing changes in trustees;
  • - Managing death benefit nominations and the payment of death benefits;
  • - Administering the fund;
  • - Complying with taxation and other obligations,
  • - Investment strategy development and documentation;
  • - Assistance with gearing where appropriate;
  • - Management of withdrawals,
  • - Management of income streams from the fund; and,
  • - Ultimately, closing the fund.

Tax Services

As Kerry Packer once told Parliament: anyone who pays more tax than they need to needs their head read. But tax is undoubtedly the most complicated aspect of most people's financial management – and getting the best out of your tax affairs takes effort and attention.

We offer the full range of tax services, including:

  • - Tax planning - helping you structure your affairs to pay as little tax as legally possible;
  • - Income tax and CGT advice;
  • - BAS and tax return lodgment;
  • - Assistance with payroll tax, FBT and superannuation obligations;
  • - Liaison with the ATO;
  • - Assistance with salary packaging and any other tax matter.

Financial Planning

You are working hard – it is important to ensure that your hard work pays off for you.

We offer assistance with every element of your financial planning. Our services include:

  • - Asset protection;
  • - Insurance advice;
  • - Superannuation advice;
  • - Investment management and advice;
  • - Property advice;
  • - Wealth creation advice;
  • - Debt management advice;
  • - Succession planning;
  • - Inheritance management;
  • - Redundancy management; and
  • - Estate planning.

Accounting and Taxation

You and your business need quality financial records. Quality records allow you to easily meet all of your compliance obligations, such as taxation, professional obligations and the like. They also allow you to plan for and manage your entire financial portfolio as effectively as possible.

The best decisions require the best information, and your economic information is the most important of all. Our accounting service provides the quality financial information you need in order to succeed.

These services are complemented by our comprehensive tax planning. These services are another source of enormous pride for us. Over several decades we have proven our ability to legally minimize our clients' tax liabilities through the intelligent use of ‘before the event' tax planning. Not only does this mean our clients minimise tax – it also means that they can sleep comfortably at night knowing that they have met all of their tax obligations and not done anything silly.

What's more, our tax planning is complemented by all other aspects of our service, such as business planning. We don't just write down what has already happened: we help you ensure that the right things happen in the first place.

Corporate Secretarial Services

We can assist with all of your company management needs, including:

  • - Establishing the company and associated entities, such as trusts;
  • - Establishment and management of all ongoing company notifications with ASIC;
  • - Preparation, maintenance and lodgment of compliance documentation, such as minutes, company statements, resolutions, etc; and
  • - Management of share registry and transfers of ownership.

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